International Organ competition
"Fondazione Friuli"


The Competition is open to young musicians of both sexes and of any nationality.

There are 3 categories:
Cat. A participants born from the 1st January 2002
Cat. B participants born from the 1st January 2000
Cat. C participants born from the 1st January 1998
It is possible to register for only one category.

The application form is available on the Academy’s website ( and must be completed, signed and sent to the following e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before the 31st July 2019 together with:
– copy of an ID card
– curriculum vitae of the candidate
– program of each round (for Cat. A single program)

Applications will be accepted taking into account the submitted program in the maximum number of:
Cat. A 15 candidates
Cat. B 10 candidates
Cat. C 10 candidates
Applications not meeting the above requirements or received after the deadline will not be accepted. The secretary may, in its opinions, cancel the competition for a category if a small number of competitors are registered (in this case the registration fee will be refunded). In the event that the applications received for a category are lower than the maximum indicated in the call, the possibility of compensation with the categories that have received the most requests is provided for, in compliance with the age limits set out in art. 2.
Candidates admitted to the competition will be notified by the 10th August 2019 and may regularize their registration paying the registration fee by the 17th August 2019, then sending the receipt of payment by e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Cat. A € 40,00
Cat. B € 60,00
Cat. C € 80,00

The registration fee, not refundable, can be paid by Bank transfer to the following account holder:
Recipient: Ass. Accademia Organistica Udinese
Bank: Banca Popolare di Verona
IBAN: IT 05 M 05034 12300 000000000300
Codice Swift: BAPPIT21075
Reason: indicate Organ Competition, name and surname of the candidate, category

The competition will consist of a single round for category A and a first round and a final round for categories B and C.
A maximum of 5 competitors will be admitted to the final of each category B and C.

All the Competition rounds are public.
Candidates will have the opportunity to try the instrument, according to the calendar published on the Association’s website (, in the days 2-3-4 September 2019.
External teachers and/or assistants for the organ stops are not allowed to be present at rehearsals and performances. The Secretary will provide an assistant to the organ stops for all candidates. Before the Competition, each competitor must submit to the Commission 2 copies of the music chosen.
The results of category A and of the first round of categories B and C will be communicated at the end of the respective rounds.
The announcement of the winners of categories A, B, and C and the awarding of scholarships and prizes will take place at the end of the Concert that M° Olivier Latry will hold on Sunday, the 8th September 2019, at 4:30 p.m. at the Cathedral in Tricesimo.

Travel and accommodation costs are to be borne by the competitors.

For category A there will be 3 scholarships of Euro 250,00 each.
For category B there will be:
– First Prize of Euro 1.000,00
– Second Prize of Euro 400,00
– Third Prize of Euro 250,00
For category C there will be:
– First Prize of Euro 1.500,00
– Second Prize of Euro 700,00
– Third Prize of Euro 400,00

The Cat. B and C prizes will be awarded by adding up the scores obtained in the preliminary and final rounds.
All competitors will receive a certificate of participation. Category A scholarship holders and the winners of the first prizes of Cat. B and C will be invited to perform in the XII International Organistic Friuli Festival “G. B. Candotti” 2020 (for participation in these events will be recognized any travel expenses, food and

The Competition will take place on the renewed Zanin organ with 3 manuals and electric console. The positive organ connected to the 2nd manual can also be played independently in cornu epistolae (new Italian Baroque organ with short keyboard and mechanical transmission short pedal board).

Cat. A

  • Single round: free choice program for the maximum execution time of 15 minutes (it is possible to play some pieces at the new Italian Baroque organ).

Cat. B

  • First round: free choice program (to be performed at the electric console) for the maximum execution time of 15 minutes that includes:
    1. J.S. Bach: one or two chorales (of different character) chosen by the candidate
    2. romantic and post-romantic repertoire at will (even more pieces or extracts)
  • Final: free choice program for the maximum execution time of 20 minutes (it is possible to play some pieces at the new Italian Baroque organ).

Cat. C

  • First round: free choice program (to be performed at the electric console) for the maximum execution time of 20 minutes that includes:
    1. J.S. Bach: first or last movement of a Sonata in trio
    2. romantic and post-romantic repertoire at will (even more pieces or extracts)
  • Final: free choice program for the maximum execution time of 30 minutes that includes:
    1. a composition by a French author written after 1820 (electric console)
    2. an Italian piece from the 17th and 18th centuries (new Italian Baroque organ)

In evaluating the performances, the jury will also take into account the program and the difficulty of the pieces presented.
Executions that exceed the maximum durations indicated for the individual rounds may be interrupted by the jury.

The jury will be composed of:
M° Olivier Latry (President of the Jury)
M° Tomaž Sevšek
M° Ruggero Livieri

The committee members cannot admit to the competition relatives or similar, or students with whom they have public and/or private teaching relations.
Upon establishment of the committee, every member will sign a statement to this respect.
The jury reserves the right not to award the prizes in case of failure to reach an adequate artistic and musical level.

ART. 10
The jury's judgement is final and unappealable. The judgement of each individual round is expressed in arithmetic score as the sum of the votes cast by the individual commissioners. For the evaluation criteria and procedures, the jury will draw up specific Regulations at the beginning of the Competition.

ART. 11
The times for the instrument rehearsals (2-3-4 September) and for the individual rounds of the Competition will be displayed on the Association’s website
( by 20th August 2019.
Personal data and any other element learnt by the Association “Accademia Organistica Udinese” are subject to confidentiality and processed in respect of personal rights. The provision of data is mandatory for participation in the Competition.
Pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, the personal data provided at the time of registration will be kept and processed by the Ass.
Accademia Organistica Udinese and used exclusively to send communications regarding participation in the Competition and informative material of the Association.
The data will be processed exclusively by any managers and/or appointees.
The communication and dissemination of data may only take place for the purposes indicated.

The “Accademia Organistica Udinese” Association, organizer of the competition, decline responsibilities for any eventual risk or damage, of every kind, to people and things, during all the competition and even during the travel or during the permanence.
Registration to the competition implies unconditional acceptance of the rules herein. In the event of contestations, the Italian text will be legally binding.

ART. 13
In the eventuality of radio or TV recording/broadcasts, the candidates waive the right of remuneration from them. During the competition performances no unauthorised recordings are allowed.

Execution order

Detailed time rehearsals and executions

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